How healthy is your FinTech recruitment process?  

Chances are, you currently are or have struggled in the past to find the kind of talent that will move the needle and help you reach your business’s strategic goals.  

If you are serious about rehauling your recruitment process and reaching the top 15% of quality fintech talent in your region, take our Fintech Recruitment Health Check and schedule a 15 minute follow-up session with us to beef up your process today.  

  • REMOVING BOTTLENECKS - Understand where your recruitment bottlenecks are and fix them.
  • SPEEDING UP YOUR PROCESS - Fill your positions faster with a streamlined recruitment process.
  • IDENTIFYING THE VERY BEST TALENT - Find out how to identify the top 15% of candidates in your industry.  
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Eran Feinstein, CEO, DPO Group 

"TalentintheCloud has unquestionably helped DPO scale and become the leading payments company in Africa. We're delighted with the talent they continue to bring to the group"

Martha Mghendi-Fisher, Founder European Women in Payments Network

"As a Founder & CEO of a recruiting company, he not only understands how crucial his role is when it comes to pushing for diversity in the industry, he also makes his priority to consciously and actively give equal opportunities to candidates of different genders. He is a true male ally when it comes to gender diversity"

Wayne Hennessy-Barrett, CEO, 4G Capital 

"I recommend Darren and Talent in the Cloud strongly. Fast, agile and super-responsive, I was highly impressed from the outset. Darren and his team have the rare combination of understanding business needs together with the detailed technical detail that is so important in this arena."

Molly Newman, Content Director, Terrapinn

"Darren's participation at Seamless Africa 2019 was a vital part of an informative event which tackled pressing issues in the payments, fintech and banking sector

His willingness to engage with other conference attendees and speakers, have honest conversations, and pledge to work together with other players to provide effective forward-thinking solutions will have a lasting effect on the industry"

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